"Stirring spiritual appetites through characters of scripture."

So real that it’s you slaying the giant, drawing water from the well, and looking into the eyes of the Savior.


Read about some of my work in fiction. My pieces run the gamut, from pieces in the thinking stages to pieces published and awaiting your purchase.

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Yesterday’s Failure:Tomorrow’s Success

I didn’t make the steps. I really don’t like the word failed, but that’s what I did. I failed the steps. If I had passed, I would have tracked a million of the little critters between Memorial Day and Labor Day. This is my fourth year. I have never not met my goal.   As is probably typical with people who fail in some way, I kicked myself for having had the confidence to believe I would succeed in the first place. Next, I kicked myself for having told...

Kick-Back to Reality: 5 Questions that Celebrate Your Place in Life

Imagine you are leisurely enjoying life, taking it one moment at a time. You’re minding your own business. Not really bothering anybody. Just serenely living, moment to moment. You’re caught up in the beauty of it all, putting one foot in front of the other on this relaxed path meandering before you.   You think, Isn’t this great? You can’t really put your finger on it, but everything is just so cool and easy.  You think, I wish all my friends could be with me right now.  And then...

Hamstrings so Tight I Could Pluck Them

Wow, what a week. What a grueling, painful week, especially for my hips and hamstrings. But, oh, the rewards that can come from such pain. As with every other worthwhile pursuit, your health and wellness takes great effort to build but can slip through your fingers before you realize it. At least that’s the way it is for me. As late as November, I was working out an average of five days a week. My step was light. My breathing was deep. My sleep was restful. Then I thought...

The First of One Million Steps

Ah! My favorite time of year! Michigan really comes alive in late spring/early summer. What better way to enjoy it than by throwing on a pair a sneaks and hitting the trails? The outdoors brings a balance to life that is unequal to any drug, any escape, or any therapy. Mile upon mile of clean air await us, if we just take the time to spoil ourselves and take advantage of it. I say spoil as if we’re wasting time. But anyone who invests in themselves in this way (better word!)...

Seeds and Scraps of Hope

Spring’s kind of a hard time of year for me. Surprised? It hasn’t always been that way. Just the last few years. Since both my mom and dad transitioned from this life in the spring season, I find myself becoming very self-reflective right about now. In between the grieving, I re-evaluate things. I examine details of my life from different angles, deciding what to start, what to keep, and what to let go. I keep moving but, gosh, all this emotional wrestling wears me out. This year, I thought...

The Spiritual Journey of Essential Oils

My son calls it voodoo magic. I call it health and wellness. I’m a big fan of aromatherapy, daily employing the use of essential oils in my cleansing and skin-care regimen. I use oils in diffusers to keep my energy and concentration levels high during the day. I inhale the scents of the oils first over trying a pain medication for a headache. And I’m just barely scratching the surface. Aromatherapy has experienced a resurgence as of late. Our heightened awareness of the use and side effects of synthetics,...